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Høgtun Cabins were established in 1991, but already in 1963 Anne and Paul Solheim built cabins for rent. Paul, who died at 94, was Herøy's foremost local historian. He founded Herøy History Museum, and he collected most of the foundations in Herøy.


In addition, he has written some local history that is to be bought at the cultural office.

Hungry on experiences? Høgtun Cabins offer you experiences and accommodation on Herøy Helgelandskysten


At Høgtun Cabins you can live well and have different activities. You can borrow 14 foot boat with motor for fishing trips.


Hope you have a nice stay here with us.


Høgtun cottage rental offers you life experiences at Herøy, in a holiday paradise for both young and old.

  • Høgtun sjøhytter


Fv162 133, 8850 Herøy

47 95 09 21 94

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